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Construction Master Pro v3.0 Top-of-the Line Jobsite Calculator for Builders, Carpenters & Construction Pro's
Work Smarter, Build Better, and Improve Your Bottom Line! We've taken the best features of the original Construction Master IV, added some useful new "Pro" functions, and made it even easier to use!
{Desktop Model}

$ 79.00

Desktop Model

{Desktop Model}

$ 99.00

  • Dimensional Math and Conversions: Work Directly in Feet, Inches, Fractions, Yards and Metric
  • Handles All Fractions-1/2's, 1/4's, 1/8's, 1/16's, 1/32's, 1/64's
  • Instant Area and Volume- Easy Right Angle and Rafter Calculations, Including Slopes, Square-Ups
  • Common Rafter Lengths
  • Regular and Irregular Hip/Valley Rafter Lengths
  • Regular and Irregular Jack Rafter Lengths
  • Complete & Enhanced Stair Riser/Tread Solutions, for Fast and Accurate Stair Layout
  • Board Feet/Lumber Estimation
  • Per Unit Material Cost
  • Six Material Estimation Functions, Including: Block, Brick, Column, Cone, Footing, Roof
  • Custom Rafter Settings, such as Ascending or Descending Lengths
  • Plumb, Level and Cheek Cut Angles
  • Improved Rake Wall Function
  • Advanced Circle Solutions
  • D:M:S to Decimal Degree Conversions
  • Acres, Kilograms, Pounds, Tons and Metric Tons Conversions
  • Handy Backspace Key
  • Memory Storage Keys
  • User Set Preferences
  • Paperless Tape
  • Works as a Regular Calculator
    Also Includes:
    • Hard, Protective/Durable Case
    • Large, Easy-to-Read User's Guide
    • Small, Pocket Reference Guide
    • Long-Life Battery
    • 1-year warranty

Construction Master Pro-Trig  Advanced Construction Math Calculator for Building, Carpentry and Architect/ Engineering Pro's
Use the rugged Trig Plus III in the office or out in the field to build precisely and improve your bottom line! Perform advanced trigonometry, measurement and design problems with ease and accuracy.
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$ 99.00

Quickly & easily figure:
  • Dimensional Math and Conversions: Works Directly in Feet, Inches, Fractions, Yards and Metric
  • Handles All Fractions-1/2's, 1/4's, 1/8's, 1/16's, 1/32's, 1/64's
  • Full Trigonometric Functions
  • Easy Right Angle and Rafter Calculations, Including Slopes, Square-Ups, Common Rafter Lengths
  • Regular and Irregular Hip/Valley Rafter Lengths
  • Regular and Irregular Jack Rafter Lengths
  • Instant Areas and Volumes
  • Board Feet/Lumber Estimation
  • Per Unit Material Cost
  • Complete Stair Layout Solutions
  • Rake Wall Function
  • Column/Cone Surface Area and Volume
  • D:M:S to Decimal Degree Conversions
  • Complete Circle Solutions
  • Acres, Kilograms, Pounds, Tons and Metric Tons Conversions
  • Custom Settings, such as Ascending or Descending Rafter Lengths
  • Plumb, Level and Cheek Cut Angles
  • Memory Storage Keys
  • Enhanced User Set Preferences
  • Handy Backspace Key
  • Paperless Tape
  • Works as a Regular Calculator
    Also Includes:
    • Hard, Protective/Durable Case
    • Large, Easy-to-Read User's Guide
    • Small, Pocket Reference Guide
    • Long-Life Battery
    • 1-year warranty

ConcreteCalc Pro The Only Calculator Designed Specifically for Concrete Construction Pro's!
The worlds best feet-inch calculator has just been customized for concrete, paving and masonry construction professionals. Unlike a regular calculator, the ConcreteCalc has intuitively labeled "concrete construction keys".
{short description of image}

$ 79.00

Dimensional Math & Conversions
Works in all dimensional formats: quickly add, subtract, multiply, divide and convert in feet-inches-fractions, decimal feet, decimal inches, inches and fractions, yards, meters, centimeters, millimeters, board feet, as well as square and cubic formats.
Handles all fractions-1/2's, 1/4's, 1/8's, 1/16's, 1/32's, 1/64's
Work in fractions for all sorts of dimension problems. You can even set fraction denominators to display your desired accuracy (in above fraction formats).
Automatic Area & Volume Calculations
Prevent errors & save keystrokes with automatic calculation of areas and volumes. Length, Width and Height (depth), Area & Volume keys allow for fast & accurate material estimates. Solve problems directly in square or cubic yards!
Square-Ups and Right-Angle Problems
Instant right-angle solutions for finding diagonals and staking-out drops, drainages and more! No more formulas or memorization of Pythagorean theorem!
Block and Footing Calculations Fast, accurate material estimates for walls, foundations, curbs & gutters, and more.
Weight per Volume Problems
Lets you convert between weights (lbs, tons, kg) and find weights of any material (e.g., tons per cubic yard).
Circle Area, Circumference and Arc Lengths
Great for columns, pillars and post holes.
Automatic Stair Calculations
Finds number of risers, treads, riser height, tread width, and any underage or overage for stairway layouts. Also calculates stringer length and angle of incline.
"Smart" Fraction Setting
Saves keystrokes by entering preset fraction denominators for you, from 1/2 to 1/64. Paperless Tape
Lets you review the last 20 entries, for double-checking answers.
  • User's Guide
  • Protective Case
  • Long-Life Battery
  • 1-Year Warranty

ElectriCalc Pro For Electrical Contractors, Designers, Electricians Now Updateable for Future NEC Revisions!
Put Electrical Code answers at your fingertips! Carry the ElectriCalc Pro in your briefcase or tool belt, and solve hundreds of electrical design & estimation problems instantly & accurately!
{short description of image}

$ 99.00

Instantly Solve:
Electrical math problems (e.g., Volts, Amps, Volt-Amps, Watts, kVA, kW, PF%)- Voltage drop calculations- Copper or aluminum wire sizes- Parallel & derated wire sizes- Grounding conductor sizes- Motor full-load amps- Overload protection sizes- NEMA starter sizes- Conduit sizes- Works as a regular calculator- Durable and portable.
Solve Electrical Math Problems Instantly
Solve for volts, amps, volt-amps, watts, kVA, kW, PF%, EFF%, and DC resistance.
Copper or Aluminum Wire Sizes
Calculates wire sizes per NEC 310-16 & 310-17. Copper or aluminum, 30/10, 60C, 75C, 90C insulation ratings at 100% or 125% of ampacity. Adjusts wire sizes for ambient temperatures other than 30C and for more than three wires in a raceway. Parallel & Derated Wire Sizes
One-button parallel & derated wire sizing.
Voltage Drop Calculations
Lets you find: minimum voltage drop wire size, max. length for any given wire size and drop percentage, actual number and percentage of volts dropped.
Grounding Conductor Sizes
Calculates service and equipment grounding conductor sizes per NEC Tables 250-66 & 250-122.
Find Motor Full-Load Amps per NEC
Works in 1 and 3 with the new expanded tables for 3 induction (to 500 HP) and synchronous (to 200 HP) motors per NEC 430-148 and 430-150.
Computes Fuse & Breaker Sizes per NEC 430-152
Built-in solutions for: single and dual element fuses, instantaneous trip breakers and inverse time breakers.
Sizes Overload Protection per NEC 430-32
Automatically Finds NEMA Starter Sizes
Conduit Sizing for 12 Types of Conduit!
Per 1999 NEC Tables 1, 3, 4, and 5 of Chapter 9, allows sizing of all common conduits for any combination of #THW, #XHHW and #THHN Wires. Plus, gives fill percentages, cross-sectional areas, remaining areas and more.
Works as a regular Calculator
* For future Code changes/releases, contact us to order a new NEC Update Chip. You simply insert the chip into the special door on the back of the unit, and your calculator is instantly updated!

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Ultra Measure Master Professional-Level Metric Conversion Calculator For anyone who needs fast, reliable measurement conversions on the job:
International and US-based Engineers, Scientists, Contractors, Technicians, Architects and Inspectors - Anyone dealing with scientific and physical unit conversions. Meets 1996 Federal Highway Metrication Requirements!
{short description of image}

$ 59.00

LINEAR Unit Conversions Feet-inch-fractions, decimal feet, inches and fractions, decimal inches, yards, miles, millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers.
AREA Unit Conversions Square-feet, square-inch, square-yards, acres, square-miles, square-millimeters, square-centimeters, square-meters, hectares, sq.-kilometers.
VOLUMETRIC Unit Conversions Cubic-feet, cubic-inch, cubic-yards, cubic-miles, cubic-millimeters, cubic centimeters, cubic-meters, cubic-kilometers, gallons, fluid ounces, liters, milliliters, acre-feet and board-feet.
WEIGHT Unit Conversions Pounds, dry ounces, tons, metric tons, grams and kilograms.
WEIGHT-to-VOLUME Unit Conversions Tons-per-cubic yard, pounds-per-cubic yard and kilograms-per-cubic meter.
LINEAR VELOCITY Unit Conversions Feet-per-minute, feet-per-second, inch-per-second, miles-per-hour (MPH), meters per-minute, meters-per-second, millimeters-per-second and kilometers-per-hour (km/h).
FLOW RATE Unit Conversions Gallons-per-minute, ounces-per-second, liters-per-second, milliliters-per-second.
PRESSURE Unit Conversions Pounds-per-square-inch (PSI), pounds-per-square foot (PSF), kilopascal, megapascal.
BENDING MOMENT Unit Conversions Foot-pounds, inch-pounds and newton-meters.
TEMPERATURE Unit Conversions Degrees Fahenheit and Degrees Celsius. Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies and Divides in All 60 units. Including combinations, i.e., 2 Gallons plus 3 Liters.
Large LCD Display Custom Annunciators Always tells you what unit format you’re working in.
"Paperless" Tape Lets you review the last 20 entries; great for strings of dimensions and error-checking. © 1997 Updated: 03-24-97

Measure Master Pro Draftsman - Architects - Woodworkers Craftsmen
Do-It-Yourselfers Our standard feet-inch calculator gives you professional results on all your dimensional projects!
{short description of image}

$ 39.00

Works Directly In Any Dimensional Format Feet, Inches, Inches-Fractions, Feet-Inch-Fractions, Decimal Feet or Inches, Yards, Meters, Centimeters, Millimeters Includes Square or Cubic Formats of each
Converts To And From All Dimensions Instantly!
Instant Circumference, Circle Area & Arc Lengths One button solves post holes, columns, pillars, arches and more.
New! Weight-per-Volume (lbs, tons, kg) key! Lets you convert between weights and find weights of any material (i.e., tons per cubic yard, etc.).
New! "Paperless" Tape! For reviewing past 20 entries.
Unit Price Function Estimates material costs instantly.
Custom Set Fractions Set displayed fraction denominators to desired accuracy (1/2's to 1/64's)
Time-Saving Utility Functions: +/-, %, Pi, 1/x, x2, Square Root, Auto Shut-Off, Per-Unit Price.

Pocket Dimension Master Ultrasonic Distance Measurer Takes Measurements to 50 Feet at the Speed of Sound!
Measure with 99% accuracy up to 50 feet. Carry it in your pocket or briefcase, in the office or out in the field.
{pocket dimension master}

$ 34.95

Take Interior Room Measurements & Areas at the Speed of Sound!
It uses a narrow ultrasonic beam to measure at the speed of sound; this permits convenient measuring even in areas where furniture or fixtures are present.
Quickly Measure Lengths or Square Footage of Rooms
Just point & shoot the length of the room. Or, record your length measurement and then measure the width; multiply the two figures, and you've got the room's area.
Accurate up to 50 Feet
Measure from two feet (0.6 m) up to 50 feet (15.2 m) indoors with 99% accuracy.
Easy-to-Read Display
Simple readout in feet and inches. You can also set your display to measure in meters.
Simple to Use
Just aim and press a button! When the unit beeps, you've got a measurement.
Versatile & Convenient
Unique two-position measuring head allows easy measuring in any situation.
Pocket-size and Durable
Carry it with you while you're visiting clients; has a maintenance-free construction.
Compensates for its Own Size
Automatically takes unit depth size into consideration when calculating distance, for greatest accuracy.
Measurement Verification
Automatically verifies measurement with built-in error-checking program.

Scale Master Classic Our Newest Take-Off Tool Gives You The World's Best Estimating Value!
The Scale Master Classic is the latest addition to our award-winning line of digital plan measures. The affordable new Classic gives you simplicity, versatility and accuracy while maintaining the same ease-of-use, quality and reliability you expect from a Scale Master. No other plan measure gives you more for less!
{short description of image}

$ 69.00

72 Built-in Scales Gives You More Versatility. With 39 Imperial (feet-inch) and 33 Metric, there's a scale for almost any plan.
Six User-Set Custom Scales. Perfect for scaling faxed or out of scale plans. Calibrates to any plan and then stores that scale for future use.
Count Other Items with Built-in Counter. Lets you count other items (i.e., studs, piers, outlets, etc.). These also can be accumulated in Memory.
Exclusive! Two Built-in Memories. Quickly solve for Area and Volume. Or accumulate and store two different measurements (for materials estimations).
Exclusive! Imperial/Metric Mode Switch. A must-have for those affected by upcoming 1996 U.S. Federal Metrication requirements.
More Dimensional Units for Maximum Versatility. Select your favorite measurement units: Decimal Feet, Feet-Inches, Decimal Inches, Yards, Millimeters, Meters - including Square and Cubic formats of each.
Subtract Mode key. Subtracts distance rolled while pressed.
Rolls-in Distances in Either Direction. Accepts dimensions as fast as you can accurately roll them in either direction and with either hand.
Large, Easy-to-Read Custom LCD. Clearly displays current scale, units, counts and more, thereby avoiding costly errors.

{short description of image}
Real Estate Master IIIx The World's Easiest-to-Use Calculator for Residential Real Estate Professionals.
Be the Professional Your Clients Expect! Have the Answers to Tough Financing Questions at Your Fingertips.
{Real Estate Master IIx}

$ 44.00

Solutions for Everyday Financing Problems and More!
Payments, Terms, Interest Rates, Balloon Payments, Remaining Balances, APR and Total Finance Charges, PITI, Appreciation and Depreciation, Bi-Weekly Loans, Future Values, and More!
Automatic Sales Price and Down Payment Keys.
Play "what-if" with Price, Down and Loan Amount financing options to close your deals. Enter Down payments as dollar amounts or percentages of price.
Complete Taxes and Insurance for Truer PITI
Permanently store your local property tax and property insurance rates (as percentages or dollar amounts)!
Amortization Schedules and More
Generate an entire schedule, or find principal and interest on any individual payment or any range of payments.
"Rent vs Buy" Solutions
Instantly show renters or first-time buyers their "net" monthly payments and annual tax deduction based on their tax bracket.
Simplify Complex ARMs with Lifetime "Cap"
Show best- and worst-case scenarios for any adjustable loan. Built-in Cap limits rate increases to lifetime max.
Bi-Weekly Loans and Monthly Comparisons
Instantly show buyers bi-weekly payment and lifetime interest savings over a standard monthly payment plan.
Time-Related Features
Easy to find loan closing and listing expiration dates with the Date Math key! Plus, there's a Prepaid Interest function!
Triple Zero Key Saves Time and Keystrokes
Works as a Regular Math Calculator
With: +/-, %, Memory and Auto Shut-Off.
Qualifier Plus IIIx Introducing the World's Most Powerful, Easy-to-Use Real Estate Calculater!
Impress Your Clients with Fast, Accurate Answers to All Their Real Estate Finance Problems!
{Qualifier Plus IIx}

$ 58.00

Simplifies Buyer Qualifying. Allows For Easy Comparison of 2 Different Loan Programs (i.e., Conventional & FHA/VA) Instant Loan-Size Qualifying Determine maximum Loan Amount and/or Sales Price based on buyers' own income and debts and local lender's ratios.
"Reverse" Qualifying Find the income required for a buyer to qualify for any property listing.
Ratio Qualifying Find buyers' actual Income and Debt Ratios for a specific property and loan.
Solves Hundreds of Everyday Real Estate Problems! Payment, Term, Interest, Sales Price, Down Payment, PITI Payment, Bi-Weeklies, ARMs, APR, TVM, Date Math, Future Values, Amortization, Balloon Payments
Automatic Sales Price and Down Payment Keys! With built-in Sales Price and Down Payment keys, it's now a cinch to find the perfect home and the perfect loan situation.
Speedy Amortization Answers! Find principal and interest paid for any single payment or any range of payments - including remaining balance!
Complete Taxes and Insurance for True PITI Payments! Permanently store your local property tax and property insurance rates (percent or dollars)! Even figures Mortgage Insurance.
Simplify Complex ARMs - Including Life-Time Cap! Show best- and worst-case scenarios for any adjustable rate loan. Built-in Cap limits rate increases to lifetime maximum.
Bi-Weekly vs. Monthly Loan Comparisons! With just one button press, show buyers the total lifetime interest savings and term reduction of bi-weekly loans.
Built-in Date Math Function! Now, it's easy to find loan closing and listing expiration dates with the Date Math key!
Works as a Regular Math Calculator, too!

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