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Real Estate Master IIx® The World's Easiest-to-Use Calculator for Residential Real Estate Professionals.
Be the Professional Your Clients Expect! Have the Answers to Tough Financing Questions at Your Fingertips.
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$ 44.00

Solutions for Everyday Financing Problems and More!
Payments, Terms, Interest Rates, Balloon Payments, Remaining Balances, APR and Total Finance Charges, PITI, Appreciation and Depreciation, Bi-Weekly Loans, Future Values, and More!
Automatic Sales Price and Down Payment Keys.
Play "what-if" with Price, Down and Loan Amount financing options to close your deals. Enter Down payments as dollar amounts or percentages of price.
Complete Taxes and Insurance for Truer PITI
Permanently store your local property tax and property insurance rates (as percentages or dollar amounts)!
Amortization Schedules and More
Generate an entire schedule, or find principal and interest on any individual payment or any range of payments.
"Rent vs Buy" Solutions
Instantly show renters or first-time buyers their "net" monthly payments and annual tax deduction based on their tax bracket.
Simplify Complex ARMs with Lifetime "Cap"
Show best- and worst-case scenarios for any adjustable loan. Built-in Cap limits rate increases to lifetime max.
Bi-Weekly Loans and Monthly Comparisons
Instantly show buyers bi-weekly payment and lifetime interest savings over a standard monthly payment plan.
Time-Related Features
Easy to find loan closing and listing expiration dates with the Date Math key! Plus, there's a Prepaid Interest function!
Triple Zero Key Saves Time and Keystrokes
Works as a Regular Math Calculator
With: +/-, %, Memory and Auto Shut-Off.
ConcreteCalcTM Concrete - Paving - Masonry - Design - Engineering
The world’s best feet-inch calculator has just been customized for concrete, paving and masonry construction professionals.
Featuring many new functions for square-ups, blocks, stairs, footings, weights/volumes, circles —and other new stroke-saving short-cuts!
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$ 89.00

Dec. 31, 1998
Automatically Calculates Areas and Volumes!
With new “Length,” “Width” and “Height” (depth) keys.
Automatic Square-ups and Right-Angles!
You get instant right-angle solutions for finding Diagonals and staking-out Drops, Drainages and more!
NEW! “Block” & “Footing” keys!
For fast, accurate material estimates.
NEW! Weight-per-Volume function (lbs, tons, kg)!
Lets you convert between weights & find weights of any material (i.e., tons per cubic yard, etc.).
Instant Circle Area, Circumference and Arc Lengths! Great for columns, pillars, arches and post-holes.
Complete Stair key!
Instantly finds number of Risers, Treads, Riser height, Tread width, any Overage or Underage. Plus, Stringer Length and Angle of Incline.
“Paperless” Tape!
Lets you review the last 20 entries, great for plan checks and strings of dimensions.
Works in Any Dimensional Format!
Right in Feet-Inch-Fractions, Decimal Feet, Inches and Fractions, Decimal Inches, Yards, Meters and Millimeters — including Square and Cubic formats of each.
Converts to and from all Formats!
More Time-saving Utility Functions!
New “smart” fractions speed fractional entries; Repeat operator (+,–,÷,x) functions reduce keystrokes; Per Unit key for material estimates.

Dimension Master Plus® For Accurate Measurements up to 60 Feet... Plus a Compete Dimensional Calculator and Aim-Assist Light.
Displays measured readings in either Feet-Inch-Fraction or Metric formats.
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$ 129.00

Measures to 60 Feet
With accuracy to 99.5% over entire range.
Automatically solves for Area and Volume
Exclusive Aim Assist Spotter Lamp
Helps you pinpoint exactly where you're measuring to. Eliminates false measurement errors.
Dimensional Calculator Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies & Divides
Directly in Feet, Inches, any Fraction, Yards, Decimal Feet and Meters including in Square and Cubic formats.
Dimensional Calculator
Works with measurements taken ultrasonically or entered manually on the numeric keyboard.
Accounts for its own depth for true wall-to-wall measurement.
Built-in Temperature compensation.

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